Pilz Process Control And Automation

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Pilz Process Control And Automation Details

Model Name/NumberPNOZ
Voltage24 V DC
IP RatingIP40
Mounting TypePanel Mount
Output TypeRelay

Wholeseller of a wide range of products which include Safety Relay Pnozsigma, Safety Relay Pnoz X, Safety Relay Pnozcompact, Safety Relay Pnozelog and Safety relay PNOZ power. 
Dealer of PILZ , Authorised dealer of PIlz , Stockist of Pilz.
Stock OF Pilz Relay , Pilz Dealer in Delhi , Pilz Dealer in India, Top Dealer of Pilz
Authorized Wholesale Dealer of PILZ supplier in India
Distributor / Channel Partner of Safety Relays PILZ
PNOZsigma - safety relays750101 PNOZ s1  751101 PNOZ s1 C  750102 PNOZ s2  751102 PNOZ s2 C  750103 PNOZ s3  751103 PNOZ s3 C  750104 PNOZ s4  750134 PNOZ s4  751104 PNOZ s4 C  751134 PNOZ s4 C  750106 PNOZ s6  750136 PNOZ s6  751106 PNOZ s6 C  751136 PNOZ s6 C  750126 PNOZ s6.1  750156 PNOZ s6.1  751126 PNOZ s6.1 C  751156 PNOZ s6.1 C  750330 PNOZ s30   751330 PNOZ s30 C   750105 PNOZ s5   750135 PNOZ s5   751185 PNOZ s5 C    coated751105 PNOZ s5 C   751135 PNOZ s5 C   750109 PNOZ s9  751109 PNOZ s9 C  751189 PNOZ s9 C  3 n/o 1 n/c coatedContact expansions750110 PNOZ s10  4 n/o 1 n/c751110 PNOZ s10 C  4 n/o 1 n/c750111 PNOZ s11  8 n/o 1 n/c751111 PNOZ s11 C  8 n/o 1 n/c750132 PNOZ s22  2 x 751132 PNOZ s22 C  2 x 750107 PNOZ s7  4 n/o 1 n/c751107 PNOZ s7 C  751187 PNOZ s7 C 750167 PNOZ s7.1   750177 PNOZ s7.2  751177 PNOZ s7.2 C  750108 PNOZ s8  751108 PNOZ s8 C  751132 PNOZ s22 C  2 x 750107 PNOZ s7  751107 PNOZ s7 C  751187 PNOZ s7 C 750167 PNOZ s7.1   751167 PNOZ s7.1 C   750177 PNOZ s7.2  751177 PNOZ s7.2 C d750108 PNOZ s8  751108 PNOZ s8 C  775630 PNOZ 1 775650 PNOZ 1 775600 PNOZ 1  3n/o 1n/c775695 PNOZ 1  3n/o 1n/c775620 PNOZ 1 774003 PNOZ 10 774006 PNOZ 10 775830 PNOZ 2 775850 PNOZ 2 c775800 PNOZ 2  775810 PNOZ 2 774012 PNOZ 2VJ  774013 PNOZ 2VQ  787305 PNOZ X2.7P C777302 PNOZ X2.8P 774731 PNOZ X4  3n/o 1n/c774326 PNOZ X5 12VDC 2n/o774325 PNOZ X5 DC 2n/o774324 PNOZ X5.1  2n/o774323 PNOZ X5J  2n/o774725 PNOZ X6 774726 PNOZ X6 774729 PNOZ X6   3n/o774721 PNOZ X6 42VAC 3n/o774053 PNOZ X7 774054 PNOZ X7 774055 PNOZ X7 774056 PNOZ X7 774057 PNOZ X7 240VAC 2n/o774059 PNOZ X7 DC 2n/o777770 PNOZ X8P  3n/o 2n/c 787764 PNOZ X8P C c 774605 PNOZ X9  774606 PNOZ X9  777607 PNOZ X9P c 774560 PNOZ XHCV 0,7/ 2n/o fix720308 PST 4 1720309 PST 4 720300 PST 4 720310 PST 4 240VAC 6S 4Ö720180 PST X2  2n/o774360 P1HZ X1  2n/o774434 P2HZ X1 787341 P2HZ X1.10P C  3n/o 1n/c 777434 P2HZ X1P  777330 P2HZ X1P  3n/o 1n/c 777600 PNOZ X2.1VP 0.75/  2n/o fix787600 PNOZ X2.1VP C 0.75/  2n/o fix
774517 PNOZ X2.4V 1/ 4n/o  fix777601 PNOZ XV1P 3/ 774504 PNOZ XV2 0.5/ 774508 PNOZ XV2 300/ 2774554 PNOZ XV2.1 0.5/ 774552 PNOZ XV2.1 3/ 774550 PNOZ XV2.1 30/ 2n/o 2n/o774558 PNOZ XV2.1 777544 PNOZ XV2.1P 777547 PNOZ XV2.1P 777545 PNOZ XV2.1P 774133 PNOZ e1.1p  784133 PNOZ e1.1p C  774130 PNOZ e1p  784130 PNOZ e1p C  774131 PNOZ e1vp 10/  774139 PNOZ e3.1p  784139 PNOZ e3.1p C  774137 PNOZ e3vp 10/  784190 PNOZ e5.11p C  773110 PNOZ m0p 773113 PNOZ m0p ETH773105 PNOZ m1p 773100 PNOZ m1p base unit773104 PNOZ m1p 773103 PNOZ m1p ETH773120 PNOZ m2p 773123 PNOZ m2p ETH773125 PNOZ m3p 773126 PNOZ m3p ETH

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